Venue #9 – School of Architecture, University of Virginia


The School of Architecture, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA (USA) hosted the ninth mosaic installation Victorious Secret created by visual artist Angela Lorenz in 2012-2013. This set of three triptychs, encompassing nine panels in all, is based upon actual ancient mosaics from 300 AD still in their original location in Piazza Armerina, Sicily (Italy). These mosaics of female athletes made out of buttons are dedicated to Title IX, a law created in the United States in 1972 to address inequality in sports programs and other discrimination. At UVA all three mosaic triptychs were hung in the School of Architecture’s East Wing Gallery from August 24th to Sept 26th, 2016.


An opening reception was held as part of the Final Fridays programming August 26.

On Monday, September 19, 2016 the artist gave a public lecture, “Women Athletes as Family Status Symbol: Goals for Daughters in the Roman Empire,” in the architecture school, Campbell Hall. Lorenz was introduced by Catherine Spear, UVA’s Title IX coordinator, who relayed the meaning and history of Title IX, and its relevance today, as it is used to protect the rights of men and women, boys and girls at any schools receiving federal funding.


On Tuesday, September 20 the artist was a guest lecturer in two UVA classes: Global Perspectives on Gender and Sport taught by professor Bonnie Hagerman, and Household Archeology taught by professor Foteini Kondyli. In professor Hagerman’s class, the discussion centered upon how to make research findings visual, with examples of alternate ways to convey academic research. In professor Kondyli’s class, the topic of gender roles and architectural spaces in ancient cultures fueled the discussion.

The artist is grateful for the support of many departments and employees that aided in the installation, promotion and funding of the exhibition and related events, especially the Women, Gender & Sexuality Program’s professors Cori Field and Bonnie Hagerman, and administrator Bridget Murphy. Thank you to UVA’s School of Architecture for hosting the Victorious Secret installation in their gallery, with the essential assistance of gallery coordinator Erin Root. Gratitude is also due to UVA’s Office of the Title IX Coordinator; Office of the Provost and the Vice Provost for the Arts; McIntire Department of Art; Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese and the Department of Classics.

Links to Victorious Secret events, activities and press:


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